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This page is just a start of a plan to provide consumers a safe, reliable, dependable avenue for their pursuit of cannabis information and opportunities throughout the world. This simple links page will be expanded as time goes on to provide links to statistics, facts, (both pro and con), providers of goods and services, and other cannabis information.

 Soon, the pages will expand by state, country, and topic for both medicinal and recreational marijuana use. Stay tuned to, who will strive to be  the best website on the market when it comes to cannabis.

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Tricloud Genetics is a Michigan based website that offers top quality seeds made by experienced legal medical marijuana growers/breeders.

Seed-City is an international website which specializes in the sale of cannabis seeds to the public. They have told us that if they get traffic and a=sales from this site, they will become a partner. So, if you go to this site, please tell them you heard it from, founded in 2010 by a group of lawyers,  is a website that has served thousands of happy customers in all medicinal and recreational use states. They  offer industry-leading, streamlined, cost-effective products & personalized services without the hourly fees.

Alt Health THC is a Washington state business specializing in medical consultation. Their business specializes in medical caretaking of patients who wish to use THC and CBD as an alternative solution to their various medical issues. Please note that they are a DOCTOR FACILITY ONLY website and they DO NOT sell any medications.  is a safe place for medical marijuana patients and clubs to advertise their products and services. Seven states are listed as serviced. However, every state can post on their classifieds. Visit them and see if your state is one of them.  provides the largest database of medicinal marijuana businesses in your neighborhood! Let them know you found them here. They serve all legal states. would like for you to share your multimedia content with a highly targeted demographic. They help you develop, produce and publish your commercials, photos, videos, podcasts and more. They also do websites. is a cannabis blog site that has reached out to to spread the word about their site. Please visit their wonderful website. It has a wealth of information. has doctor information from all 50 states. They have a wealth of information about laws, news, and even a forum. Don’t forget to stop by there. has happy customers from the United States, and the United Kingdom.Their name should give you a hint of what their primary product is.  is leading the effort in Washington, D.C. to pass federal medical marijuana legislation. Their primary focus is to change the laws to provide sensible regulation and control.

I was contacted by a gentleman to add a link to his website. After review of the site, it seems suitable enough to be posted here. Please visit and check it out. He also has a blog at this site. One day, I hope to have time to create a blog as well.

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