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Whenever a product is grown and processed for profit, there will always be people who are dishonest and may use chemicals to alter the properties of the original plant. This needs to be accounted for and divulged to the end user.

Why are Testing Services being required?
Testing services are currently being required in a state by state case, since marijuana is still federlly illegal. We hope this changes soon, so the testing will be universally standardized. Until then, we can only go by what the current state laws dictate. The state of Michigan is still determining requirements. It is totally logical to test the product for quality and impurities. The public will be better informed and protected when they smoke, drink, eat, dab, apply etc. the marijuana products. Don't you want to know what is in the product you are purchasing and putting into or onto your body? Growers and processors all have good intentions, but when profit is in the mix, anything can happen.

What kind of Testing will be performed?
Since the state's requirements are still unknown, testing methods and equipment may vary from this response. However, the most common forms of testing cannabis will be explained.
The first is Gas Chromatography (GC). GC is widely used in the medical industry for detection of element types and amounts in compounds and solutions. GC uses heat to vaporize the marijuana which is first broken down in a solvent. This vapor is analyzed by a chromatograph. This is most likely to be the avenue which will be chosen for testing, since almost all cannabis is heated to some extent for use. It is either smoked, or put in edibles which are heated. Chocolate, candy, brownies, etc. all are heating the cannabis during processing. This can and will change the properties of the cannabis during processing. Therefore, using heat in the analysis process would be a good idea in our opinion.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is also a method of detection. HPLC does not use heat, so some say this is more accurate of what you would purchase right out of the bag. However, not many people use cannabis right out of the bag. We guess you could just sprinkle it on a salad for consumption, but this is a low occurrance. HPLC uses high pressure pumps to pass the cannabis, which is also broken down in a solvent, through the chromatograph for analysis.
Mass Spectronamy is a further in depth analysis tool. It uses a technique which separates elements by molecular weight into ions to identify what is in your cannabis. It can be used in tandem with chromatography to give more details of compositions within the cannabis being tested.
Finally, Microscopy is simply the use of a microscope with human or machine vision to determine the presence of compounds within the test sample. Something sprayed onto the plant material during the growing, harvesting, or processing of the cannabis can usually be detected by this method of testing. LLC believes that a combination of these methods will have to be used to determine the cannabis potency, purity, and quality per guidelines to be determined by state authorities. Some of these methods of test are quite expensive equipment purchases. We will strive to procure the best equipment and methods to protect the consumer.

Click HERE for the listing of items the State of Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) expects testing to be conducted. 

Click HERE for the daily purchasing limits for the State of Michigan and if testing is required on what you can currently purchase. 

We will strive to keep this information as updated as possible. However, it can always be found on the Michigan LARA site.