We Will Test Your Bud for Potency and Crud

We Strive to Become a Safety Compliance Testing Facility for the Great State of Michigan

Please get involved to decriminalize Marijuana and treat it the same as alcohol

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At LLC, we know your requirements to meet state safety compliance obligations are important. We will soon offer a diverse range of services to meet the medical, cultural, entertainment and recreational interests of our customers in your area. Whether you are looking to fulfill regulatory obligations or just check your product quality, Smoke A can help. Our ultimate goal is to become a government certified raw marijuana and marijuana product testing facility. 

UPDATE: Sorry, but our GoFundMe page was taken down due to lack of support. We cannot afford to do a business startup on our own, so we will anxiously await someone to help out. Maybe after I retire I can work on this project with more dilligence and resources. You can still donate to our cause through PayPal. Please click on the link just below this paragraph. Send funds to Thank you.


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We want to purchase a Marijuana Gas Chromatography Tester, aquire a State of Michigan lisence for a "Safety Compliance Facility" and retain a lawyer for obvious reasons. Thanks for donating to our worthy cause of keeping you safe if you use Marijuana for medical (or soon to be recreational) purposes. 

We do not grow marijuana or process or produce any marijuana or marijuana based products for resale. We hope to start off one day soon by becomming a state of Michigan regulated safety compliance testing facility. 

For your upcoming testing needs, Contact LLC today.

This domain registration and business LLC is for sale. Please inquire by email.

Our office hours are currently, Only by Email. We hope to soon have an office space where we can interact in person with the community. However, we need funding to make this a reality. With the upcoming compliance law changes of the State of Michigan, we will have a hard road to travel. 

This office space will be for testing marijuana in plant and concentrate forms for state compliance to new regulations still to be determined. THC and CBD concentrations, insecticides, pesticides and repellants, fertilizers, mold, fungus, bacteria, and other potentially harmful chemical amounts can be determined through various forms of testing. We hope to be a leader in safety compliance for growers and processors across this great country.

This website soon will also feature many useful tips and information related to both medicinal and recreational marijuana. If you are interested in advertising on this site, let us know. If you want your link on this site, we will gladly do so if you will post ours on your site as well. Please send feedback as to what else you would like to see on this website. With a catchy domain name like this, a lot of people are bound to see it. 

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